Life journey long,Only keep moving forward,In order to find more beautiful scenery.For industry elites that gallop the workplace,Want to keep the keen insight into the trend and the forward attitude towards the Times.A natural and luxurious strength is the powerful bottom gas that is brave.As the benchmark of the BMW family,BMW 5 Series has been with the elite side to walk side by side,Do not stop refreshing the definition of luxury travel.last month,New BMW 5 Series LI once again carries 25 high-value standard configurations,Previously forward-looking vision, exquisite and superior quality and unique dynamic style,With the workplace elite,Help to stimulate more extraordinary potential,Let poetry and distant,No longer just imagined.


  Pioneer temperament,Obtain an obvious gesture



  Facing a new journey of life,Elegant and calm gestures and self-confident fearless temperament are extraordinary qualities of elites.As synonymous with luxury and dynamicThe new BMW 5 Series LI highlights the confident style while a larger dual-kidney intake grill,With the endless double waist line and the dynamic inclined shark,Elite out the entry of the elite in the hands of the sea.The upgraded “lying L” light strip is replacing the hexagonal LED headlights,BMW smart laser headlights embedded in technology,Always illuminate the way forward for the workplace elite.of course,The elite quality is far more than one side.The 3D suspended LED taillights that have been smoked by smoked, highlights the exquisite concept of luxury design with more detail.Give new BMW 5 Series Li higher identification.China’s unique M sports set aluminum diameter diffuser and a sense of sports 18/19-inch wheel,The driving passion hidden in the new BMW 5 Series LI is played to the extreme zhi,In the front of the front, the elites of the workplace bring unparalleled sensory experience.

  Technology is new,Unlock the pointer



  In addition to the paranoid value of the color,Elimers also need to maintain efficient interconnection with the world at any time in the car.Capture insert in subtle.The new BMW 5 Series LI full-borne 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard with programmable central touch display,Provide a sudden visual experience for the driving moment.The simplicity of operation does not represent the compromise of the experience,It is also a taste of the workplace elite.The new BMW 5 Series Li is equipped with a new seventh generation IDRIVE human-machine interactive system,Bring more fingertips jump with the five-dimensional interaction of the driver’s habit.And the workplace’s hard work is not a one-man play,In the face of all unknown challenges, there is no way to work with a tacit cooperation of a reliable help.Newly upgraded BMW Smart Personal Assistant Unlocking more scenes with intelligent intimate interaction,More compatible with car T cat elves,Implement a remote restaurant booking and more intelligent voice services.Simultaneously,New BMW 5 Series Li new upgrade map service,Even in indoor parking, it can also be accurately positioned.Bring more convenient experiences for the efficient life of the workplace elite.

  Quality Tiancheng,Leading luxury style

  The style of life,Or pure,Or gorgeous,For the workplace elite,Only exquisite and luxurious


  They unique colors.The new BMW 5 Series LI leads to the leading body, which is enough to build warm-winding ports in every workplace elite.Match the rear cozy seat specially built for the Chinese market,Let the driver enjoy a comfortable driving experience such as the seat cushion, and the thickening, etc.You can feel independently adjusted according to your personal habits and drive.Deep interpretation of humanized concept.When the phone or digital key is enabled, enter the car.From SENSATEC 2.0 The luxurious feelings of synthetic leather and the excellent taste of the workplace elite collide with each other.Create a luxury driving atmosphere that belongs to the elite quality.Simultaneously,The new BMW 5 Series LI is fully standard metal-quality emblem housing,And provide a new brunette texture matte white wax wood panel equipped with pearlite chrome decoration,Examples of the extraordinary quality of elite life.In addition,To demonstrate the unique charm of elites,Some models can also be separately provided with Bowers & Wilkins diamond surround audio and star panoramic sunroof exclusive luxury configuration.Under the beautiful transformation of the 11-color intelligent sense of the light,Add a different brilliance to the elegance of life.

  Driving, no change,Unlock 湃



  Looking back,Courageously forward,Only strong inner hearts,Pursuing the fun of dreams.The new BMW 5 Series LI is equipped with B series 2.0T four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 8-speed hand-in-one gearbox,When the outstanding gold combination meets again,185 kilowatts of maximum power and 350 cattle, meter, and the peak torque (BMW 530Li XDrive),Wake up at any time to hide the racing gene behind the elite,Excall the high-efficiency driving experience.Simultaneously,The new BMW 5 Series Li can provide Sport to the driver based on the driving environment and habits. COMFORT, Eco PRO three driving mode,Bring energy saving, strong or comfortable experience to the driver,Even if it is challenging, you can easily deal with it.The addition of 50-m transfer automatic reversing function and the automatic driving assistance system PRO reflects that the new BMW 5 Series li is very thoughtful,Unlock more intelligent, safe driving experience for the workplace elite.