Freshly connected and meet you,2 IOS discount applications are selected in this issue.1 iOS game,Go to the client-side-free zone to download directly.

  In addition, there are 4 Switch platforms, 7 Steam platforms, 3 PSN platforms, and 1 promotional game in the EPIC platform is presented to everyone.I want to buy as soon as possible!


  Midori (JapaSedictionary?)? Day – English,Ying-Qixian Dictionary

  ¥ 65 → ¥ 0

  This is a day – English,Ying – Japan Dictionary,For English beginners,It should be an excellent tool: 900,000 entry vocabulary,150,000 sentences,And many small features help you learn effective Japanese learning.what,Do you say that English is not?It’s ok,This is a learning dictionary developed by Japanese beginners.It can understand the words Hui’s meaning in English vocabulary.Simultaneously,English Japanese contact in the moment is actually a more tight,If you often look at the Japanese drama or animation,I can notice that many Japanese pronunciations and English are very similar.Use this day – English Dictionary app,Maybe you can save a lot of things when I will communicate abroad.



  ¥ 6 → ¥ 0

  ”PPICS” is a subtitle stitching cutler.In addition to the super efficient screenshot of the screen capture and scroll screenshot,You can also annotate the picture,I don’t worry if I have seen it.Automatically identify screenshots and coincide with multiple repetitions,One-time gathered puzzle and annotation,you deserve to have.



  ¥ 32 → ¥ 0

  ”OCMO” is a Ninja Slope-type cross-switch game,The biggest feature is that it is delicate painting and real physical control system.Bring excellent smooth experience during operation.Speaking of a delicate experience,It doesn’t mean easy leisure,Many levels of level repeat failure will be crazy: need to manipulate a small octopus monster,Walk, jump,Grab the object to sway,The most important thing in this is to test your control on grabbing,And the sensitivity of physical speed and trajectory swing.Good sound and background music in the game makes the process of smashing so boring.


  Diablo III: Eternal Battle Edition Diablo III ETERNAL COLLECTION

  Russia | ¥ 318 → ¥ 159

  Blizzard and the perfect combination of Nintendo SWTCH,Many players have been involved in the demon army of Diabo,Now this “Diablo 3: Eternal Battle” version,Collect all of the current “Diablo 3” content, “scorn”,There is also a platform to define a model helmet from the “Zelda Legend” series.Let the players who are accustomed to use Joy-Controller fully enjoy the game.


  Dragon Ball Warrior Dragon Ball Fighters Z

  Russia | ¥ 301 → ¥ 48

  The birth inspiration of “Dragon Ball Warrior” comes from the animation “Dragon Ball” that endless but exciting battle,Wukong gradually became a martial artist “the first” of the world.The game is presented in the form of horizontal screen 2D fighters.Sun Wukong, Bergita,Shalu, Broccoli, and the like will be on the scene.You will build your own team,3V3 confrontation.It is worth mentioning that,This version has been optimized by HD animation quality.Bring excellent visual performance for wonderful fights.”Dragon Ball,Forever God “!

  Adversely enter the jun THE GUNGEON

  Russia | ¥ 30 → ¥ 15

  A barrage shooting game,A group of frustrations in order to wash the pastDrain the landlift of the legendary firearm.By shooting, robbing treasures, rolling dodging, etc.Everything is to get the legendary treasure – a gun that can kill the past.After choosing a hero,It is necessary to kill a blood road to reach the bottom end.Challenge the Gungeon header,Collect precious trophy,Discover hidden secrets,Win a bigger advantage for yourself.


  Elf and Forest Ultimate Edition Ori and The BLIND Forest: Definitive Edition

  US District | ¥ 131 → ¥ 91

  ORI is an excellent horizontal screen action class action game.It has excellent visual effects,Telling an adventure story of brave little orphans.It is worth noting thatThe art design of the game has reached the ultimate: full of hand-painted art paintings,Vivid and delicate action,And on the background of the actual performance of the group,Deduct this fantasy and touching forest risk.In short,This game is as a whole and the god of “empty cavalry”,”A Jun” strongly suggests to start!


  Steel Teacher: Normandy 44 Steel Division: Normandy 44

  ¥ 112 → ¥ 28

  This is a tactical instant strategy (RTS) game,You will fully meet the historical tanks, troops and vehicles in the peak of the World War II; with a few opponents in large multi-person fighting with their own tactical skills.Or confront the enemy in a challenging single battle.For example, in 1944, he controlled the legendary teacher of six different countries during the Normandy land.Including the US 101st Empty Division, Germany 21st armored fort or the 3rd Division 3 of Canada.Rich historical lines and highly reduced pictures,It must not be missed as a military fan!


  Combination of Sarace: Rebirth of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  ¥ 48 → ¥ 24

  ”Binding: Reborn” is a randomly generated action RPG shooting game,With a large number of behavioral anomaly elements. Follow the Trip,Players will discover their singular treasures,These treasures have changed the form of sprinkle.Give him superior human capabilities,Make him to fight with the group of mysterious organisms,Discover secrets and fight for the road to security.


  Roller Tour Star Planet Coaster

  ¥ 122 → ¥ 30

  Build a roller caravan park empire,Bringing an incredible surprise, joy and stimulus: customized formation facilities,Shaped rich and pleasant terrain,As a real boss, manage the management of your own park.In short,You have to make and successfully operate a unique roller caravan park.After playing your imagination, build the first roller coaster,The problem is coming: your own roller coaster,Dare to play?


  Fortress Crusader HD version Stronghold Crusader HD

  ¥ 32 → ¥ 6

  ”Fortress Crusader HD version” is the continuation of the original “castle simulation” game,Take you on the distant Arab world known as brave warrior and terrorist siege weapons: Experience the famous historical battle of the Crusaders.Contact Ai opponents, new forces, 4 historical battles and more than 100 unique small-scale tasks.Play the lion heart rat rat rat to Salading (Sudan in Syria),Relive the Cross Army in history.Leading a crusadeil who has become a confined will of hammering after hundreds of years of brutal war.Or fight for freedom and hit the education!


  Brother: Twin Legend Brothers – a Tale of Two Sons

  ¥ 48 → ¥ 9

  In the adventure game launched by the distant extraordinary Swedish movie director Josef Fares and the top developer Starbreeze studio,In order to save the father of the disease,You have to lead both brothers to launch epic fairy tips: Brothers have worked together to solve the puzzle.Explore a variety of amazing locations,Expand the ultimate battle.In short,This will be a moving and unforgettable travel.


  Crazy Crazy Crazy Crash Bandicoot? N. Sane trilogy

  ¥ 250 → ¥ 125

  This is a classic copy 3D jumping action game.Polyewow?The protagonist has a cute, the level is outstanding, the scene is rich, the operation is excellent.And the enemy and traps are also spectating.With the gradual unlocking skills,The procedure will gradually enriched.The game capacity is large,The previous “The Crazy Crazy Three Songs” before,Plus numerous challenges and collect elements,Make the game very resistant.


  Holmes: Crime and Penalty Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

  ¥ 148 → ¥ 35

  Become the most famous big detective in history: Charlock Holmes!You will believe in morality,Still strict law enforcement?The freedom provided in “Crime and Penalt” allows you to investigate in the way you like.Flexible uses 14 Sherlock’s detective skills,Select your inquiry method,Interview suspect,Forming reasoning,Point out the prisoner.You can even decide the fate of the characters.The influence of your reputation will make your decision to have a profound impact.There is even a consequence of you unexpected.


  Shadow Tactics: General Blades Shadow Tactics: Blades of The Shogun

  ¥ 343 → ¥ 34

  Subject to the Japanese background of the river in the background of Japan.Manage a team,Let them have a lot of enemies,In the castle and snowy mountain temples mixed into the solid gold soup,You need to choose the right way to kill enemies,The best is to completely avoid contact with the enemy.You need to integrate teams,Familiar with the division of labor,How to complete the sneak in again,Need your original strategy.


  Wild Dart 2 Red Dead Redemption 2

  ¥ 404 → ¥ 202

  Awards “Wild Darts” of the 200th Game Project,Telling an epic story about honor and loyalty.The game has extremely open,In online mode,Fighting with law enforcement, illegal and fierce wildlife,Trying to find your own direction during the process of survive in the US border.Southern muddy swamp from the Northern Snowy Mountain Road,From a long forward post to the busy farm and noisy town,Try to explore the world that belongs to your own depth and detail!


  Last survivor replacement version of Last of US Remastered

  ¥ 128 → ¥ 51

  Can you be the Last of US? Last survivor?When you are familiar with the world, there is no longer existence,The wrong boundary of the wrong is becoming a model.The choice of threatening life and safety is a ring of daily life.What kind of action do you take to survive?Joel,A cold black city that lives in a quarantined area suffered from strict controlled control.Every day is to pursue your own interests.But when brave, Alie is in his life.This must cross the abandoned American continent.Experience the crisis of four rides,That will test their human limits.Their world has changed,This will also be the same in your world.


  3 Out of 10: Season Two

  April 8th to April 15th free of charge

  More funny offline adventures in the world’s worst game developers will continue with the story of “3 Out of 10”.With caffeine-driven super power, self-conscious AI and the enemy game development student will block the road of SHOVELWORKS Studios to make a score of more than 3 out of 10 games.In this season,Can they reach this goal?