The director of the Nathan Fillion-led Uncharted fan film is co-founding a new streaming service centered on video game properties called Binge.

  By Brad Lang

  Published Jun 09, 2021



  Allan Ungar, the director of the?Uncharted?fan film, is launching a new video game-focused streaming service called Binge.

  According to GameSpot, Binge is labeling itself as an “immersive streaming platform created for the gaming universe” and will host a range of “premium original series and shows” all dedicated to video games and the culture surrounding them. Binge is helmed by Ungar, who serves as the platform’s chief content officer, and Cody Hacket, who will act as Chief Strategist. While there’s no word yet on the specific content users will access on Binge, the service is confirmed to launch in 2022.


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  Speaking to his role in Binge, Ungar said “When I directed the?Uncharted, the film, with Nathan Fillion starring as Nathan Drake, it was designed to be a love letter for the gaming community but to also prove there was a place for these kinds of adaptations. It was about staying loyal to the IP and the DNA of that world.”

  The short?Uncharted?film, which was also co-written by Ungar, was met with almost universal approval when it launched on YouTube in 2018. The project received praise from fans and critics alike for its faithful recreation of?Uncharted’s tone and action, with many celebrating the casting of Nathan Fillion (Firefly,?The Suicide Squad)?as protagonist series Nathan Drake and Stephen Lang (Avatar, Don’t Breathe)?as Victor Sullivan, Drake’s best friend and mentor.


  While no specifics have been disclosed, Binge has reportedly already struck deals with major partners to bring content to the platform. The productions will cover a range of different topics across the video game industry, including series dedicated to AAA franchises, smaller indie experiences, retro games and development studios. Subscribers to Binge will be able to make use of a “Squad Parties” feature which allows users to watch the same program together and earn rewards. It’s currently unknown if this is across different accounts or through the same account.

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  Cody Hackman describes the platform as “bridging the gap between gaming and traditional entertainment–bringing the best of both worlds together.” Hackman continued on to say, “Over the coming months, we’ll share more information as we set the stage to welcome fans to the ultimate platform for original gaming entertainment.”

  ”We are thrilled to bring… passion and fandom to But, most importantly, to create an opportunity for gamers around the world to actively contribute and help define the future of games entertainment with us,” continued Ungar.

  Binge will be available on all devices, including TVs, smartphones, game consoles and computers. The service is expected to launch in 2022.


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  Source: GameSpot


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