We love apps that make things just a little easier.

  Especially when those apps fulfill a function we never thought we needed.

  That’s exactly what QuickTouch does. As the only programmable auto clicker that doesn’t require root, the QuickTouch app allows you to set up automatic taps, swipes, pinches, or record and replay touch input on your Android screen without having to continually touch it yourself.

  This is particularly useful for mobile gamers playing games that require continual tapping. You could tap it yourself and give yourself thumb cramps, or you can download the QuickTouch app to take care of the repetitive activity.

  You can select how quickly you want it to tap for you, how long it should press down, and the total amount of time it should click for you. And believe me – it taps a lot faster than you can.

  It’s fully programmable so you can set it to just tap a single spot on your screen or you can set it up to play the whole game for you.

  So next time you play a relentless tapping game, you’ll have a significant boost in your gameplay.

  But in addition to gaming, this is a great app for people who need a little extra help with clicking. Download the app by searching for “QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker” in the Google Play Store today.