The first six games here, released on the SNES and PS1 feature a new smoothing filter that makes the games look better than ever, but you can also remove this if you prefer the original pixelated graphics. I found it almost impossible to go back though. Load times are lightning fast on all the games, although even the filter couldn’t save the poor quality of the anime cutscenes in?X4–6.

  There is a boatload of bonus features here, including an art gallery, sound test, and the “Day of Sigma” opening movie from the PSP remake of the original?Mega Man X, but the real highlight is X Challenge. This mode lets you equip three Maverick powers and then battle against two Mavericks from different games in the series, such as Neon Tiger from?X3?and Magma Dragoon from?X4. It’s ridiculously awesome and difficult, and I want something like this in every retro game collection from now on. X Challenge alone is a reason for even the most hardcore?Mega Man?fans to pick up this title.

  So why isn’t this the perfect?X?collection?

  Well, the first issue is how it’s packaged. The collection installs as two separate games, each collecting four titles, so if you want to go back from?X7?to?X2, you have to fully exit one game and start up another one.?This also means that the two collections offer bonus features that are almost identical, which is just an odd design choice. The X Challenges actually are the same between the two titles, which is going to really annoy achievement and trophy completionists who now have to beat this ultra hard mode twice.

  Dividing the collection into two packages just reeks of something demanded by the marketing department, but even the exact benefit of this isn’t entirely clear since the $40 price point for all eight games is perfectly reasonable. This really should have been one collection of eight games.

  And while it’s hard to complain about the titles here, it would have been nice if Capcom had also included the excellent?Mega Man X: Command Mission RPG?and?Maverick Hunter X?remake of the first game, which is acknowledged in the “Day of Sigma” video. I also kind of missed?Mega Man: Battle & Chase, the?Mario Kart?clone that was included as a bonus in the 2006?Mega Man X Collection.