We only have a couple of days to go until Love Island 2021 kicks off and we have been going through the full line-up of Love Island 2021 contestants to try and get an idea of what kind of series we are in for with the latest bunch of love-seekers.


  Joining the show for 2021 is the first disabled Love Island contestant, a semi-pro footballer and then there is Faye, a lettings manager who is never afraid to show some skin even while she is at work and she could be one who will be at the centre of a lot of the drama this year!

  But how will Faye do in the villa, and will she be able to find love in sunny Majorca? Only time will tell but for now, here is all we know about Faye Winter.

  Age: 26

  Job: Lettings manager

  From: Devon

  Instagram: @faye__winter

  Boredom may have played a part in her decision to join the show as lockdown has made her want to put herself out there and try new things.

  “In the last year, we haven’t been able to experience anything. I’m open to anything. The opportunity came up so why wouldn’t I? I’d love to meet somebody, what better way to meet somebody than in the sun – amazing.”

  As for her levels of excitement, she describes the upcoming experience as “like going on your first date but times 50” and while she is excited, “there is that little niggly feeling in my tummy of nerves. I’s an unknown world to me, but I’m mainly excited for sure.”

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  “I’m a lettings manager and I’ve got an amazing team. I go out and do valuations, win business for the company and I’ll do the odd viewing and find tenants. My main role is the sales side of things. I absolutely love it! I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because, in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work.

  “I try to make it as Selling Sunset as possible. I’m definitely there in the mini dresses, boobs out, bum out, turning up and you can see the wives say to their husband, ‘You’re staying outside’. It’s so fun.”

  She also says that she is on a sabbatical from work and that her bosses are “super supportive” of her joining the show and have left the door open for her to return at some point down the line. And if she were to go back to her old life straight after, she would be just as happy with that as anything else that could happen for her.

  Anyone who hopes to impress Faye in the show better be sure they have practised their banter skills as it sounds like they will need to be good at it.

  “Looks-wise they have to be like 6ft. But then my last relationship that I was in for five years he was like 5ft 7. Someone that will put me in my place. Someone that makes me laugh. But also someone that takes my banter. I’m like a 5-year-old in a playground, if I like you, I will make a mockery of you and laugh and joke. That is my really terrible flirting skills. I need someone who can take that.”

  “I’m not going to commit to anything as it could be used against me,” she said when asked if there was anything she would not do in the villa. That being said, she is cautious of any ramifications it could have with her family if she did get up to anything a bit too risqué.? “I’m very aware that me and my sister are in [our parents] will and I do still want to have a 50/50 share!”

  But what if her perfect partner is coupled up with someone else, would she step on another girls toes to get her man? “Everyone needs to remember that we are going on Love Island. We do need to find that man”. That sounds like a yes to us!

  As far as celebrity crushes go, she says she would “eat both” of Zac Efron and Anthony Joshua, but she would like to meet them both first so that she can see who has the better personality.

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  Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITV Hub on Monday, June 28th. For more info check out?Instagram,?Twitter,?TikTok?and?Facebook. While you’re waiting, check out more of our?Entertainment?coverage or visit our?TV Guide?to see what’s on tonight.?

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