A new free summer update to the indie game will bring new activities, decorations, events, and NPCs, as well as some quality of life improvements.

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  Cozy Grove Summer Update Everything Coming

  A large summer update is coming to the indie game?Cozy Grove.?Besides adding a new limited time festival, the update brings some significant new features, such as new activities, new decorations, and new NPCs.

  Cozy Grove is a game in the vein of?Animal Crossing: New Horizons,?with some notable mechanical differences. For one thing,?Cozy Grove has more structure, providing daily quests for players to accomplish to improve their relations with the spirits on the island.?These quests are designed to only take up 30-60 minutes of a player’s day. While players can continue playing the game after daily activities, engaging with features such as crafting or decorating,?Cozy Grove only provides a limited number of quests each day before encouraging players to come back tomorrow.

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  Cozy Grove Summer Update Everything Coming

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  Developer Spry Fox?has revealed the new changes and activities coming to?Cozy Grove in its free summer update. Perhaps the biggest addition is the new NPC Mrs. Carouse, described as a “mysterious figure” who will kick off a celebration, though the specifics of that celebration are being kept hidden for now. A second new NPC, Darla O’Hare, will appear on the island on Saturdays to sell players clothing and “wigs,”?which will let players change hairstyles as they wish. Players will now also be able to hug the bear spirits of Cozy Grove, name animals, and take photos behind new Photo Standees that will randomly populate an NPCs biome.


  Cozy Grove Summer Update New Activity

  Cozy Grove is also adding several new activities to the game. Players can now buy a net from Mr. Kit to partake in “critter-catching,” some of which will be seasonal animals on the island. Treasure Maps and Lost Lore are being added as well; players of?who find all the pieces can turn them in for rewards. Clamshells will now appear in the water near the island to reward players for stone skipping, and players can now convert collected shells into decorations for?Cozy Grove.

  To top it all off, new decorations, hair styles and clothing are being added to the game, some of which will be tied to certain events or bear spirits on the island. The update will also include some stability improvements, new music, and some changes to mechanics in?Cozy Grove such as reducing the time Allison’s Bakery requires to cook items to 5 minutes, down from 60. For those who like a daily check-in on this haunted (but cute) island,?Cozy Grove is adding plenty of new options to keep players entertained throughout the summer.


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  Source: Spry Fox

  Cozy Grove?is currently available on iOS, PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.


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