1Joker13zWed 5th Feb 2020

  Weird they would start with this one rather than the first but whatever. My absolute favorite TD series of all time. If you’ve never played them and like the genre, they are an absolute must buy at whatever price you can afford.



  2Spoony_TechWed 5th Feb 2020

  Still love these types of games. I’ll have to at least check out the first.



  3PlexagonWed 5th Feb 2020

  I beat origins on my tablet, these games are very great, would recommend. Just bought Frontiers on my tablet and need to start that soon.



  4PanopticonWed 5th Feb 2020

  The Kingdom Rush games are easily the best TDs I’ve ever played. You can usually wait for them to be on sale for $0.99 on your mobile device. Touch controls are perfect for them, I can’t see myself trying to use a classic controller for this as sometimes things can get pretty frantic. Also, I don’t see anything in this “Remastered” description that isn’t in the original game. Curious why it would be called a remaster.

  EDIT: The original games have 3 or 4 heroes unlocked, with the remaining heroes all locked behind paywalls. Depending on the price and assuming all heroes are unlocked, this may actually be a bargain. Time will tell, I guess.



  5PlexagonWed 5th Feb 2020

  @Panopticon I wonder if all the heros are available after Purchase? That would be the only thing I could think of to make it better



  6PanopticonWed 5th Feb 2020

  @Plexagon Yep, after I posted I just remembered that as well, so I edited my original post.



  7Solomon_RamblingWed 5th Feb 2020

  Definitely a fantastic series, but I would only double-dip if they offered all three in a collection rather than individually.



  8Golin32Wed 5th Feb 2020

  These are the best TD games ever made. This was my go to game on lunch breaks.



  9NoTinderLifeWed 5th Feb 2020

  Yes they are the best Tower Defense game on any platform.

  I played all of them on the iPad. The first game is free on the App store, try it and get hooked! What I disliked about the later games is the micro-transaction even after paying the full game. I hope they get rid of it for the Switch version.

  Maybe they will port Iron Marines to Switch too, it’s their latest game. It’s not TD, it’s more like Starcraft, RTS game.



  10VaroennauraaWed 5th Feb 2020

  I would buy it, if it had pointer controls.



  11TimboSliceWed 5th Feb 2020

  I would hate to buy this one and then a better one releases the next day… if you’re gonna release 3 from the series, let me know now which ones so I can decide!

  That said, if under $5 it’s a no-brainer…



  12FriendlyWed 5th Feb 2020

  Completed all of these on my iPhone. Get m all guys, the games are very good. But you probably are only able to play them well on a touchscreen.

  I might even double dip.

  Weird they start with the 2nd one though. Also, there are 4 kingdom rush games, so why only a Trilogy?



  13nkarafoWed 5th Feb 2020

  Yes, there are four, why trilogy? Perhaps if they will start with Frontiers which is the second, maybe they will bring Frontiers (2), Origins (0) and Vengeance (3?). Yes, indeed the best TD game series! I have completed all on ios and android.



  14PeshokinhaWed 5th Feb 2020

  Will buy when they get discounted. Assuming every hero is unlocked of course



  15Andrew5678Wed 5th Feb 2020

  I just bought these on Steam no matter, Tower Defense titles tend to work better on PC, but to anyone curious, these games are great!



  16cmk8Wed 5th Feb 2020

  Love me a good tower defence (yes defence I’m English ) game.

  Still hoping to see plants vs zombies 1 and / or 2 on Switch.



  17thecalmoneSat 8th Feb 2020

  Amazing stuff! After reading a fantasy trilogy by I’m stoked to play this trilogy of games!


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